Mother & Daughter photoshoot…


This is actually my beautiful sister and her too-cute-for-words daughter. How lucky am I?

IMG_1082 IMG_1098 IMG_1127 IMG_1165 IMG_1214 IMG_1236 IMG_1280 IMG_1312 IMG_1348 IMG_1404


A word about editing…

I have recently been spending equal (if not more) time on editing as I do on taking my photographs. I’ve found I’ve learnt a bunch of new techniques, and by studying other photographers work and watching numerous tutorials my confidence in Photoshop and other programs has really increased.

Instead of going out and organising new photoshoots (I’m doing that too, but more on that in another post), I’ve revisited a previous photoshoot to see where I can improve, and tackle the original photograph from another angle. You’ll see other versions of this photograph in an earlier post, and it was actually after realising yesterday that the original image was featured in an issue of Blur Magazine ( that I decided to re-visit it.

I love how seamlessly Lightroom, Photoshop and Color Efex work together, it’s embarassing to admit but I used to export from Lightroom, then import into Photoshop etc and end up with a dozen different versions eating up HD space before I reached the long-winded finished product. So in that sense, it is seriously making my life a hell of a lot easier. I’ve decided to post a before and after shot of this photograph and I’d love to hear your feedback on it. What techniques do you use, what have you found makes your life easier? leave a comment below 🙂


Self Portrait Thursday

I’m unemployed and currently packing my house in preparation to move back to Australia. I got back from a trip to Berlin on Tuesday and I leave for Ibiza on Sunday and I suddenly find myself in a calm-between-two-storms. I’m tired of packing and I came across this mask I bought in Venice back in April. I had grand plans to use it for a photoshoot with a model but alas time got the better of me, so I stuck it on and took a few selfies. Voila. Maybe I’ll take it along to Ibiza with me this weekend 😉