Nepal is a country of stark contrasts. From the moment you get there you are instantly faced with a harsh and sudden culture shock. For example, on my drive from the airport to my yoga retreat centre, I witnessed  a large cow blocking one of the busiest and chaotic intersections I had ever seen (surprisingly still moving like clockwork), a monkey swinging from electricity wires, a dead body being carried to a cremation, and numurous scooters and cars loaded up with far too many people and livestock.

Once you get used to this though (trust me it takes a couple of days) you are drawn a bit further in to what this place is really about. The Nepalese are truly spiritual people, and once you get off the beaten track and really immerse yourself in their culture (yes, letting your guard down is a must), it is actually one of the most peaceful and enlightening places on earth. Here are a few pictures, mainly of the people I came across, in Kathmandu and it’s surrounding areas.



IMG_7530 IMG_7617 IMG_7609-2 IMG_7568


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